Managerial layout

The Campus 1 Library Department, having Mrs. Gazepi Anna as a head, lies administratively under the Directorate of Student Welfare. Mrs. Anastasakou Ifigenia is the deputy head of Directorate.

The Library is divided into divisions, anyone performing different labour. Such a segregation looks forward to the most possible sufficient organisational operation. In addition, greater control is accomplished. Library’s divisions are: division of material processing, division of loaning and reference, division of administrative support, division of periodicals, division of acquisitions.

In the Campus 1 Library the staff is assigned to the optional performance of the area in a daily basis. The staff is accordingly trained and educated in a way that it renders them able to fill all the departments’ needs as well as any that might come up unplanned. Furthermore one who is in need for guidance or assistance should not hesitate to ask for the staff’s help.