In general

The Campus 1 Library of the University of West Attica was founded in 1977 and ever since, belongs to the category of Academic Libraries. Not few were the occasions in which the Library was accommodated in various areas and buildings until its final settlement in a new and fully equipped building in June 2002. The construction’s preparation intended to match the functional needs of a contemporary academic Library being accessed also by people with special needs, since it has special ramps and areas appropriately formed. The building is comprised of two floors, covering a total surface of 2520 square meters. It has: bookshelves, reading-rooms (classic and electronic), conference rooms, area of archive collection, personnel offices as well as several auxiliary spaces. 


The Library is bound to act under a certain domain. Thus, the Library looks forward to managing material of the Institution, printed or not, as well as developing services oriented to the best accommodation of its users’ needs for knowledge and education. In order to meet such needs the Library includes an extensive collection of books , scientific periodicals, and audiovisual material. There is also a large number of online periodicals and databases which are available through the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link. 


Due to the services offered and the friendliness of the area, several thousands of users are served in a weekly basis. Users of the Library are everyone, with none exception (professors, scientific and inquiring personnel, undergraduates or not, administrative personnel as well as external users) unless the Library itself has excluded them from any privileges for not complying with the functioning regulations. Users can seek information that are interested to through the current web pages which are online 24 hours a day. The Library was supported financially by the 2nd and 3rd Community Support Framework European programmes.