The Library is organised into divisions, anyone performing different labour. Such a segregation looks forward to the most possible sufficient organisational operation. In addition, greater control is accomplished. Library’s divisions are: division of material processing, division of loaning and information, division of administrative support, division of periodicals, division of acquisitions. Further down, the labours with which any division separately is charged, are given more analytically. It ought to be marked here that the staff, in accordance to their expertise, is adequately trained so that they can meet any divisional needs.

  •  The division of material processing is responsible for the technical processing (cataloguing, classification, indexing) of the material of the Library based on international standards, the publication and dispatching of bibliographic bulletin and the characterisation of material for internal or external use only.
  • The loaning and reference division has the responsibility for the circulation of material inside and outside the Library, the briefing and guidance of users, the control and monitoring of the reading room. Also, it keeps patron data, it watches overdue loans, it completes up questionnaires and analyses the statistical elements aiming at the improvement of offered services.
  • The division of administrative support has the responsibility of secretarial support of Library, that is to say work that is related to the preparation and management of documents. It programs and takes actions that are essential for the most excellent public relations and the promotion of Library (exhibitions, meetings etc). It checks and oversees the area.
  • The division of periodicals is in charge of placing orders, the technical processing (cataloguing, classification, indexing) of the periodical editions of the Library, the dispatching of the subscriptions as well as gathering the material to be bound. It collaborates with the National Documentation Centre for the interlibrary loan of articles.
  • The division of acquisitions is responsible for the ordering procedure of material, the supervision of its correct execution, and also the final checking of the purchase. It prepares claims to the suppliers for any delays and informs the Library’s administration. It controls the reception and checks the invoices while forwarding the accounts to the economic services of the Institution so that they could be fulfilled. It also registers any new material to the inventory book.